"Occupy" Movement Was Infiltrated By FBI Informant In Cleveland Bridge Bombing Probe

5/2 UPDATE: FBI's confidential informant is unmasked

The federal probe that resulted last night in the arrest of five purported anarchists for allegedly plotting to bomb an Ohio bridge began last year at an Occupy Wall Street rally in Cleveland that was infiltrated by an informant who was directed to attend the event by his FBI handlers.

It was at the October 21 OWS event that the informant first met Douglas Wright, 26, who reportedly confided details of his group’s planned attacks “against corporate America and the financial system,” according to court filings.

Pictured above, Wright eventually served as the informant’s bridge to the four other men busted in the bombing plot--despite the fact that the quartet was “unsure” about the snitch for whom Wright vouched. Of the five men arrested, four were involved in the Occupy Cleveland movement, according to their Facebook profiles, a news story, and a federal criminal complaint.

Other highlights, as it were, from the U.S. District Court records include:

* As the alleged plotters batted around assorted attack ideas--like bombing a “Nazi/Klan headquarters” or blowing up a Federal Reserve bank--Wright joked that he would wear a suicide vest and blow himself up, “but advised he would have to be very drunk.”

* A local Justice Center was considered a good target, but a bombing there was rejected since the accused plotters believed “they would risk hurting inmates.”

* Wright suggested using Google Maps to figure out the area near the Cleveland-area bridge “where the bombs will be dropped and the get-away route."

* Defendant Brandon Baxter, 20, mused that if the plotters were caught, “they will all go to Guantanamo Bay” and not a “normal prison.”

* Baxter also “suggested getting tacks that they could throw out of the back of the car if they get in a chase.” This getaway tactic was last successfully used in a Batman episode from 1967.