Florida Man, 23, Arrested For "I Eat Ass" Sticker On Rear Window Of His Truck

5/9 UPDATE: Charges dropped against "I Eat Ass" man

A Florida Man landed behind bars Sunday after he refused to remove an “I Eat Ass” sticker from the rear window of his new truck, according to an arrest report.

Dillon Shane Webb, 23, was driving near his home in Lake City when a cop spotted the sticker and pulled over Webb’s Chevrolet extended cab pickup.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office deputy contended that the sticker violated the state’s obscene material statute, and asked Webb how “a parent of a small child would explain the meaning of the words 'I EAT ASS.'"

After issuing Webb a notice to appear ticket, the deputy asked him to alter the sticker so that it would “no longer be derogatory.” Webb declined the request, citing First Amendment speech protections.

The deputy then took Webb into custody on a charge of resisting an officer without violence, a misdemeanor. He was also charged with possession of obscene material, also a misdemeanor.

After handcuffing Webb and placing him in the back of a squad car, the cop called for a tow truck, which subsequently removed Webb's truck from the scene.

Pictured above, Webb was released from the county jail Sunday evening after posting $2500 bond. He is scheduled for arraignment on May 21.

According to his Facebook page, Webb purchased the Chevy (seen below) last month. A Lake City native, Webb has no prior arrest record, and works in the warehouse of a large chain grocery store.