Man Arrested After Telling Police His Name Was "Jason Bourne"

A Florida Man who was being investigated for causing a drunken disturbance yesterday at a public library was arrested after he gave cops a bogus social security number and a fake name--Jason Bourne.

Cops say that Jonathan Chapman, 45, was asked several times Tuesday afternoon to leave the Pinellas Park library, but he refused. Chapman, who was reportedly intoxicated and smelled of alcohol, was subsequently asked to identify himself by a patrolman.

Instead of providing his actual name, Chapman claimed to be Jason Bourne, the title character in a series of Robert Ludlum thrillers that were adapted for film (and which starred Matt Damon).

The Bourne identity, however, was fabricated.

Cops eventually identified Chapman and charged him with resisting an officer, a misdemeanor, for providing the phony name and invalid social security number.

Pictured above, Chapman is being held in the county jail in lieu of $150 bond. His rap sheet includes prior collars for trespassing, public intoxication, and dealing in stolen property. A criminal complaint lists Chapman’s residence as a private home in St. Petersburg.