Attention Moms: Don't Get Caught Cheering On Your Kid In A YouTube Video Fight

A Florida mother who stood on the sidelines cheering on her daughter during a planned high school fight between the teen and another girl was arrested today for child abuse.

According to a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office affidavit, April Newcomb, 39, can be seen on multiple YouTube videos “encouraging” her daughter “to physically fight” with the other girl. The videos, one of which can be viewed below, were filmed by attendees of the fight, which occurred in a vacant field near Palmetto High School.

As seen in this still, it appears most teens present came prepared to record the fisticuffs. 

When questioned by a cop, Newcomb, pictured in the mug shot at right, claimed that she only attended the bout between the two 16-year-old combatants in order “to make sure nothing got out of hand.” She also wanted to look out for her daughter’s health since the teen had “sustained a skull fracture from a previous incident approximately two years ago.”

"Of course we were both wrong and I understand that," Newcomb said, adding, "I understand where ya’ll are coming from.”  

As her daughter is being throttled by a larger girl, Newcomb can be heard at one point yelling to her child, “Don’t fucking stop.” Later in the video, apparently serving as her offspring’s corner man, Newcomb advises, “Punch her in the fucking body.”

Newcomb can also be seen at the clip’s outset, arriving with her daughter’s entourage as the teen's opponent bounced about in preparation for the fight.

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cont..Call them what you will, but if more kids were willing to have a fair one on one fight, our society would be a much less violent place. That is the way it was when I was younger and we did not have all these gang beatings, shootings, and stabbings. When speaking of trash, look at what is really going on in society, before judging this group of kids. What a shame this "White Trash" group of kids are watching a one on one fight, instead of selling and doing drugs, protecting their block because of the color of a bandanna, getting drunk and taking turns on the Captain of the Cheer team or trying to act like punk white suburban wiggers-talking about how tough life is on the mean suburban streets of (insert upper middle class community here).
I agree. In some states, police could not even file charges if the fight can be considered "mutual combat."
Am I the only one who thought this was kinda hot? I mean a lot of people watching this were probably watchings and thinking "hey, maybe a boob will pop out!".
Awesome post! Made me laugh. If they were a bit older I might agree with you.
That's why this country is full of killers. Because people can't just have a fair fight and leave it at that. They have to be bullied, scared of fighting, and holding it in until they completely snap and go on a rampage. This was a good clean fight that didn't get out of hand. I wish it was always this easy. It may stop some of the inner city deaths if they would just organize a clean fight and let that be it. This is not just a youth problem. Same with adults. Just let people fight it out with some one there to stop it if it seems to start getting out of hand.
Yes, America is done. Sorry, Sean Hannity. I love you, brother, but the youtube, facebook, pornographic generation has taken over. We will continue to see the downslide over the next couple decades. I am already considered options such as New Zealand, Ireland and possibly a couple other places in Europe. We are done. Yes, Chinese and Japanese are studying their butts off while we masturbate online, film each fighting and take pictures of ourselves and chronicle what we are having for lunch and what TV show we are watching. America not so beautiful anymore. :(
Redneck heaven! Kick her in the crotch, girl!
hahaha, These mothers should have known better then to let their kids fight. I would have beat them both with one of these machines http://www.embroideryfits.com http://www.embroideryclick.com
If the kids plan to fight said fight needs a referee. What happened is no worse than a amateur boxing match. No one would have objected if two boys squared away at the local gym. Yes the mother should have been there to provide adult supervision to avoid accidents. The next time that school has a fight they should go to the boxing ring at the local YMCA and wear protective headgear.
Are the people in the video idiots? of course they are. But I have to question the folks who want to politicize this and try to blame either the Dems or the Republicans.Here's why. There really isn't a dimes worth of difference between the 2 parties. The whole Left/Right thing is a shell game by the elites designed to distract, divide and conquer. And it works brilliantly because people LET themselves be manipulated. As long as folks are at each others throats the elite hope you don't notice that BOTH parties send our jobs offshore, BOTH parties refuse to secure the border, BOTH parties want to bring in more and more foreign labor via the H-1B visa to replace American workers and BOTH parties sell dual use technology to out enemies. Neither the Democrats nor the GOP gives a damn about the middle class. They only care about the special interests who fund their campaigns. BOTH parties are owned lock, stock and barrel by the mega corporations. In addition they have their special interests. For the Dems its the unions and the professional poor. For the GOP its the CEO's and major stockholders. NOBODY represents the middle class. Wake up folks. Do the research. Until you realize the shell game thats going on you are pawns in the game, and nothing will never change.