DEA: Wheelchair-Bound Woman, 74, Ran Heroin Sales For Florida Drug Gang

A wheelchair-bound 74-year-old woman was the main heroin dealer for a Florida drug ring that also peddled cocaine, pot, and prescription narcotics, according to law enforcement officials who yesterday announced the arrest of the septuagenarian and her cohorts.

According to investigators, Ruth Perez-Lopez sold heroin from a fortified Orlando residence outfitted with a high-tech security system.

Perez-Lopez, seen at right, was targeted during a yearlong operation dubbed “Deals on Wheels” by state and federal agents.

A Drug Enforcement Administration official estimated that the ring sold about two kilos of drugs per month from the Orlando home Perez-Lopez shared with a pair of convicted felons (both of whom have been charged in the “Deals on Wheels” probe).

Perez-Lopez is charged with heroin trafficking and conspiracy, felonies for which she is being held in the Orange County lockup in lieu of $650,000 bond, according to jail records.