More Trouble For Suspect Who Gave Cops Name That Did Not Pass Smell Test

A Florida Woman arrested for trespassing was hit with a second criminal charge when, after being asked to identify herself, she repeatedly told cops that her name was “My butt just farted,” records show.

Melinda Lynn Guerrero, 33, was collared Wednesday evening after refusing to leave a Mobil gas station in St. Petersburg.

Following her arrest, Guerrero refused to provide her name to police, according to a criminal complaint. Cops asked “multiple times,” but “defendant repeatedly said, ‘My name is my butt just farted.”

Officers subsequently identified Guerrero as the accused trespasser--likely due to the fact that her photo and fingerprints are on file in connection with a series of arrests over the past several years. Also, she has “Guerrero” tattooed on her back.

Police noted that Guerrero may have been under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Charged with trespassing and providing a false name to law enforcement, both misdemeanors, Guerrero (seen above) was released yesterday afternoon from the county jail on her own recognizance.