The Only Mug Shot Of A KFC Double Down Sandwich You'll Ever See

Every so often, a law enforcement agency will place a fake mug shot into its online system for testing or training purposes. As a result, purported booking photos of Donald Duck, a llama, and a cop dressed up for a heavy metal show have been published.

Until today, however, we’d never seen a purported arrest photo of a Double Down sandwich. But thanks to Florida’s Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, KFC’s bun-free abomination appeared today on a booking roster. Click here to expand the above image.

The “Dummy Inmate” is listed as a 41-year-old white male who was released without bond this morning at 9:22.

Comments (6)

How did they take the fingerprints???
That is one fine sammich !
Its called Dog Track Road because that is where the Pensacola Greyhound Dog Track is located.
At least they got the age correct.
the guy above the sandwich lives on "dogtrack road." only in florida would someone want to esteem a street with such a name.
It'll probably contribute to more deaths than any other TSG mugshot subject.