Prosthetic Leg Theft Results In Strong-Arm Robbery Charges, Cops Report

The theft of a man’s prosthetic leg has resulted in strong-arm robbery charges, cops say.

According to investigators, Larry Stothers, 41, accused the victim of stealing a backpack. So Stothers and a cohort, 31-year-old Jayson Rappa, allegedly confronted the man Saturday afternoon in Largo, Florida.

“A fight occurred between all parties,” according to an arrest affidavit. “And in the course of the fight a prosthetic leg was taken from the victim.” The man whose leg was stolen fled the scene and sought police assistance.

Officers arrested Stothers and Rappa about an hour later, and charged each man with strong-arm robbery, a felony. Stothers (left) and Rappa are pictured in the above mug shots.

Court records do not indicate whether the victim’s leg was recovered.