Man Stole Daughter's Girl Scouts Cookie Money To Pay For Erotic Massage

An Oregon man who staged a home invasion robbery confessed that he fabricated the story as a way of covering up his theft of $700 in Girl Scouts cookie proceeds, money he used to pay for an erotic massage.

Brian David Couture, 40, was sentenced yesterday to perform 80 hours of community service and placed on 18 months probation. He was also ordered to pay restitution in connection with his conviction for filing a false police report.

In a plea deal, two other misdemeanor charges--criminal mischief and improper use of the 911 system--were dismissed.

In early-March, Couture called police to his suburban Portland home and claimed that he was attacked by a male intruder who damaged a work laptop and took $700 that had been stored in a jar. The money was the proceeds from Girl Scouts cookies sold by Couture’s daughter.

In short order, Couture confessed to skeptical cops that his story was untrue, and admitted that he swiped the cookie proceeds, some of which he used to pay for an erotic massage. Couture faked the robbery since he would be unable to explain the missing cookie money.

Seen above, Couture works as a claims representative for Farmers Insurance.

Four days after Couture’s March 18 arrest, his wife Emily filed for legal separation, according to court records. Couture now resides in an apartment two miles from his former residence.