Googlerazzi Stalk Justin Bieber's Grandparents In Star's Front Yard

While the paparazzi’s obsession with Justin Bieber is well known, who knew that that the poor kid’s Canadian home--with his grandparents in the front yard--was being photographed by a slow moving vehicle.

Specifically, the Googlerazzi.

While mapping Bieber’s hometown of Stratford, Ontario last year, Google’s Street View car did not find the 16-year-old singer at home. However, the singer’s grandparents were captured in front of the property, as seen above (click on the image, or here, to enlarge the photo). In a May court filing, Bieber notes that he resides with his mother at the Ontario residence.

Here’s a photo of the Bieber family posing in front of the house. We’ll spare you the shot of young Justin relaxing in his Toronto Maple Leafs-themed bedroom.