If The Shoe Sticks, Don't Wear It

The security director at an Illinois university allegedly ejaculated inside the shoe of a female coworker who told cops that she became suspicious after spotting him "buttoning his pants and fastening his belt" while leaving her office one recent evening.

Timothy Margis, 39, was arrested last week and charged with public indecency and disorderly conduct in connection with the lewd act at Concordia University, according to a River Forest Police Department statement.

The female employee told investigators that after Margis exited her office she discovered a “clear liquid” inside one of her shoes. Margis, seen at right, reportedly copped to the February 10 workplace masturbation when questioned by cops.

The woman told police that when she asked Margis why he had been in her office, he claimed to have been checking the space since it was left unlocked. Police noted that Margis and the victim were not involved in a relationship.

Margis, free on $150 bail, has been fired from his job at Concordia, a Chicago-area school that describes itself as being “centered in the gospel of Jesus Christ.”