Perp Carves "Mike Was Here" In Precinct Door. Which Does Not Amuse Cops Watching Him.

As discovered by an Illinois man, it is not advisable to vandalize police property while in custody and under video surveillance in a precinct.

Michael Coe, pictured at right, was arrested by DeKalb cops on March 10 for allegedly passing fraudulent checks. As the 24-year-old waited for detectives in an interview room, he allegedly sought to leave his mark for posterity’s sake.

According to investigators, Coe was seen using an earring to etch the words “Mike was here” into the room’s wooden door. So, in addition to two counts of forgery, he now faces a charge of criminal damage to government property.

Coe is currently being held in the county jail. Mike will be there until he posts $10,000 bond.

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No,not bigots, just fed-up like a lot of people-.
Uh Oh. A non-white perp on TSG. Let the racist comments begin.
Awww.....poor Mike. He only committed the crimes because he was feeling oppressed and degraded, living in a cruel white man's world where he wasn't ever given the opportunity to get a good education nor given a chance to succeed in any way and only had Obama and the Democrats to help him achieve dignity and prosperity that's been denied him which they're doing by redistributing the wealth of the mean ol' corporations who have ignored black people's needs while at the same time, causing the whole country to suffer just like poor Mike and other blacks have done for generations which is serving to remind white people that it's their time to sacrifice and see what it's like to be oppressed, also.......... Do you mean racist like that?
My name is scratched in a Jail house door - I'm a sombody! I'm a sombody!
No doubt, he felt he had to make his mark as a kind of 'badge of honor' among thieves. It's a 'gang thang'. Darn, probably got his earring confiscated, too. I wouldn't be surprised if he then took his gold tooth out and used that instead.
Stereotype much?
Ask dumb questions much?
There's no such thing as a dumb question. However, there are such things as dumb bigots, and you sir/ma'am are one of the many.
Maybe he was just bored.