Pot-Bellied Iowan, 19, Faces Two Drug Charges, Police Report

When a “very large bag of marijuana” tumbles out of your shirt after the handcuffs have been applied, do not be surprised when the cops ignore your disavowal of ownership of said weed.

Police responding early Saturday to calls about a disturbance at an Iowa apartment building discovered Kyle Clark, 19, and another man “face to face yelling at each other,” according to a criminal complaint.

Upon spotting the Iowa City Police Department officers, Clark tried to walk away from cops, who noticed he “had a very large bulge under his shirt near the waist line like he was trying to hide something.”

When a cop asked if the protuberance was “a bag of weed,” Clark reportedly “tried to walk down the stairs which was a dead end.”

After Clark was handcuffed around 3 AM, “a very large bag of marijuana fell from under his shirt. He claimed it wasn’t his,” reported Officer Tyler Lakose. The complaint does not indicate whether Clark explained why he had someone else’s stash--which weighed about four ounces--nestled against his belly

Clark was charged with felony and misdemeanor drug counts and booked into the Johnson County jail, from which he was released late Saturday morning.

In a similar case, a Louisiana woman denied ownership of methamphetamine that was discovered inside her vagina during a 2019 jail strip search. She subsequently pleaded guilty to a felony narcotics charge.