Woman Visiting Boyfriend In Jail Brings Along Newborn Baby With A Surprise In Its Diaper

A Pennsylvania woman hid prescription pills in a newborn baby’s diaper in an attempt to smuggle the drugs to her boyfriend locked up in a county jail, investigators allege.

Acting on a tip that Jennifer Young, 24, would try to smuggle contraband into the Delaware County lockup, guards carefully monitored her April 9 visit to inmate Randy Sanchez, who is facing a variety of felony charges and is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail.

When Young handed the baby over to Sanchez, a guard spotted the inmate removing an item from the newborn’s diaper. As officers approached Sanchez, he dropped something on the floor. Guards recovered the finger of a latex glove that contained five Xanax pills and four-and-a-half Suboxone pills.

According to a criminal complaint, Young admitted that she “did pass the package to Sanchez via the baby,” adding that, “it was the second time she had done this.” Sanchez also said it “was the second time they did this,” saying that he was “using the Xanax and selling” the Suboxone, which is used to combat opiate addiction.

Young, seen in the above mug shot, was charged with drug possession and smuggling narcotics into a correctional facility. Sanchez and the unnamed minor were not charged.

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New meaning to the "Dirty Sanchez"
Obviously the baby was the big brain behind this whole smuggling attempt. Both adults remained in police custody, the baby was last seen boarding a China Air plane bound for Hong Kong International airport.
To think, these people are "parents"! Time to get them both "fixed".