Despite Financial Distress, James O’Keefe Will Still Be Enjoying A Nine-Day "Sailing Vacation"

Though James O’Keefe is so saddled with credit card debt that he just had to mail out a “brother can you spare 500,000 dimes” letter to supporters, the conservative provocateur is not letting his dire financial straits impact his leisure-time pursuits.

Since O’Keefe, pictured in the mug shot at right, is serving a three-year federal probation term for his conviction last year for playing dress up as a phone repairman at the New Orleans office of Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu, he is required to seek the government’s permission when he wants to travel outside his home state of New Jersey.

As such, O’Keefe’s lawyer this month filed a motion seeking court approval for his client to make five trips outside the Garden State. Along with media interviews, a wedding, and a pair of speaking engagements, O’Keefe, 26, got the judicial nod to travel to Lusby, Maryland from April 10-18 “for a sailing vacation.”

The Chesapeake Bay town was the background last year for O’Keefe’s failed attempt to embarrass a female CNN reporter by luring her onto a sailboat that he had transformed into a floating "palace of pleasure."

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What OKeefe does, is trick Democrats into exposing themselves. How is that corruption? Democrats are corrupt because they cheat, use and steal from people for their own agenda and they're always telling lies, half-truths and making innuendoes about conservatives. They get away with it because they have the leftist media in their pocket and because conservatives (mostly Republicans) have the habit of stupidly 'taking the high road' (which means they tend to turn the other cheek since they're more ethical and Democrats count on them to do that. But now, Democrats have met a more formidable foe....Tea Partyers like O'Keefe who know how to fight back and then turn the screws instead of the other cheek. I'm sure you leftists would love to try to smear O'Keefe with claiming he's gay because intimidation is the only way you know how to win an arguement. But, what would him being gay have to do with it? Ever heard of the Log Cabin Conservatives?
What O'keefe does is trick conservatives into believing he got the goods on liberal groups. If you look at the ACORN stuff and the NPR stuff and the Planned parenthood stuff...it has all been editted to alter the context of statements AND, in the case of ACORN and PP, the people filmed brought the "situations" to the police...because their job was not to confront but to report. He is a fraud and a liar.