Feds Release Jared Loughner Mug Shots (That Scary Smile Was Wiped From His Face).

The creepy smile was gone from Jared Loughner’s face when the alleged Arizona gunman posed for mug shots taken by the United States Marshals Service.

Those photos (click to enlarge), seen above, were released today in response to a Freedom of Information request.

Immediately following his January 8 arrest for killing six people and wounding 14 others, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Loughner was photographed by the Pima County Sheriff’s Department forensics unit.

That image, which investigators do not consider a mug shot, showed a beaming Loughner only hours after the shooting spree outside a Safeway supermarket where Giffords was meeting constituents.

Loughner, 22, was subsequently turned over to the custody of federal officials and apparently posed for the USMS booking photos when he appeared in U.S. District Court in Phoenix.

Lawyers for Loughner argued that the release of the USMS photos would be prejudicial to their client. However, following a court hearing Friday, Judge Larry Burns declined to bar the release of the images. Instead, he ruled that it was the responsibility of the USMS to decide whether the photos should be made public.

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Big Bubba will take that smirk off his face.
He still looks just as creepy and I think he is mentally ill because after all, he is a leftist and it's been said by some psychiatrists that iberalism is a mental disorder. I'll bet his case will be 'kicked on down the road' as long as possible and then put on the back pages of the news (except for FoxNews and other non-leftist new sources, thank godness) because the leftists don't want his leftist beliefs to be put before the American people. They're afraid people would realize what moronic hypocrites they are who also might go off the deep end like Loughner did after following the rants of The Huffington Post, The New York Times, The Washington Post, MSNBC, AP news and numerous leftist college professors.
Why do people always want to make this about politics? The guy is mentally unstable. I used to work in a mental hospital, and we had a patient who'd climbed a fence into a Sikh temple and set it on fire, "because Allah told me to". That wasn't a religious hate crime, anymore than this is a political one. Some people just have a screw loose. Stop using this attack (on a Democrat, no less) to make some absurd straw man argument about "leftists" being to blame. Or, should I say, stop regurgitating the talking points of Beck / Jones / Limbaugh.
Usually when a crime of this type is committed, the person ends up getting Life without Parole. The mentally unstable court case will be heard and pushed forward. This guy is a true creep, with that shiat eaten grin on. Watch while our justice system ensures that no one compromises his constitutional rights, while the family of the victims suffers with no one there for them. Yes, the DA or Solicitors Office is taking him to court, they only speak for the dead and wounded. I hope he hangs high in a tall oak tree.
Wow. Whatta creep he sure is! I don't believe hell be put to death. I have a feeling hell get off on some technacality. Sorry to be negative. This event is truly sad!
He won't win an insanity defense because of the evidence showing premeditation. For a guy who claims to know about "Criminal Rights" like the 5th Amendment, he sure is an idiot. And when he loses it, he's going to fry after he runs out his appeals. Honestly though, no punishment in the world would fit his crimes he committed. That's a nice shiner he's got there, but the problem is his eye is still remaining in its socket in working condition. He'll pay for what he did to Mrs. Giffords - My only disappointment is I'm not going to be able to watch or take part in it.
Summary: Found guilty by reason of insanity.
I dunno -- still looks to me like he's smiling.
I agree he has virtually the same stupid smile. I guess he is a true simpleton!
This creepy individual is obviously beyond any kind of leniency by the court. Just put *it* out of its misery and try to move on, as hard as that may be.