Rick Sanchez Hangs Self, Lands On List You Don't Want To Be On

After finishing his interim gig last night in CNN’s 8 PM slot, Rick Sanchez tweeted, “great shows today, last night on air... great numbers... yeah.” Sanchez was clearing out for the debut of the cable network’s new nightly show “Parker Spitzer,” but he still had his 3-5 PM show, “Rick’s List."

Until, of course, he went on an XM Sirius radio show and talked about the Jews, Jon Stewart’s bigotry, the comedian’s parentage, and other assorted nonsense as he tried to promote his terrible new book (802 copies sold in its first week). Sanchez was fired today for his numbskullery.

While Sanchez’s Twitter page remains, CNN has moved quickly to erase him from the network’s web site and its office walls (a large framed photo of the newsman--wearing waders and covering a flood--quickly evaporated, though it has been preserved for posterity’s sake here).

Sanchez’s weird rant about Stewart and his fellow Jewish media cabalists seemed to be foreshadowed yesterday during the final minutes of his last “Rick’s List” show. After a report about the death of actor Tony Curtis, who was born Bernard Schwartz, Sanchez strangely interjected that Stewart had also changed his name. “John Leibowitz,” he said, “is his real name.”

Adios, Rick, we’ll hardly miss ye.

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I'm from the Northeast, FWIW. In or out of FL, every other Cuban immigrant I have ever met was industrious, smart and a joy to be around, regardless of their political views. Sanchez, OTOH, killed a guy while driving drunk and still managed to remain a mean, arrogant, publicity-whore/ jackass. He richly deserves the obscurity that awaits him.
Right on Agingcynic - He was an idiot when he worked on that local Miami TV "news" station reporting on different celebrities out and about at the local clubs - some reporting gig!!