“Pitbull Lawyer™” Marty Singer Has Strange Taste In Sculpture

In a CNN.com profile today, Marty Singer, the grating Hollywood attorney, proudly notes that, "My firm has filed more lawsuits against the media than any other firm." Singer is famous, as it were, for sending overwrought letters (like so) to journalists threatening litigation over purported slights suffered by his celebrity clientele.

Singer spoke to CNN.com from his Century City office, where he posed for a flattering portrait showing him gazing off into the distance, presumably pondering his next missive to OK! magazine. Sadly, the picture does not capture a curious bit of art in the attorney’s lair.

As seen above, a credenza in Singer’s office features a sculpture apparently showing a victim (in the Downward-Facing Dog position) being digitally violated from behind by an unknown assailant. We’re assuming this is some kind or reflection on the attorney-client relationship. Though that is just our opinion.