More Hypodermic Needles Found Hidden In Clothing At Walmart In Georgia

Police are continuing to recover hypodermic needles that have been hidden inside garments at a Walmart in Georgia.

Yesterday morning, Bartow County Sheriff's Office deputies again arrived at the store in Cartersville, this time in response to a shopper discovering a syringe inside a pocket in a pair of men’s pajamas (seen at right). The woman who found the needle was not stuck, according to a sheriff’s report.

While at the store, cops and Walmart officials met to “devise a plan to locate other syringes.” After settling on using “metal detector wands” to search for syringes, investigators realized that this approach was not working due to “the small amount of metal in or on them.”

Plan B, however, was more successful. While lightly tapping or touching garments, a Walmart worker discovered a syringe inside the pocket of a “pair of men’s lounging pants.” The exposed needle was facing outward.

According to another December 5 report, a woman purchased a pair of grey dress pants “on the weekend of Black Friday.” As she was putting the pants on yesterday morning, she found a syringe in a pocket. The woman, Deborah Warren, was not stuck when she removed the needle.

Deputies noted that Walmart management is “continuing to check” the store’s apparel sections for hidden needles. Investigators have classified the syringe spree as “reckless conduct.”