Another Guy Gets Arrested For Masturbating Inside A Walmart in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Why do guys enjoy masturbating at Walmarts in Tulsa?

For the second time in recent months, police have arrested a man for pleasuring himself inside one of the retail giant’s stores in Oklahoma’s second-largest city.

Derek Bennett, 26, was nabbed Saturday afternoon after witnesses reported that he was masturbating in the middle of the East 81st Street store. Bennett, pictured at right, departed Walmart before police arrived, but was later busted when his car was pulled over by Tulsa Police Department officers.

Two witnesses “identified Bennett as the man who was masturbating in the middle of Walmart,” according to a police report. Store surveillance footage reviewed by a cop showed Bennett removing his penis from his khaki shorts and “masturbating with a back and forth motion.” In a post-arrest interview, Bennett reportedly “admitted to pulling it out in Walmart but thought he was not seen.”

Bennett was charged with two counts of indecent exposure and booked into jail, where he is being held in lieu of $10,000 bond. He is scheduled for a June 20 court appearance.

A fellow Tulsan, Brian Hounslow, was arrested in November for masturbating in the women’s bathroom at a Walmart about six miles from the store where Bennett performed his solo act.

The naked Hounslow, 37, was confronted in the bathroom by a female shopper who walked in on him. After dressing, Hounslow (seen at left) fled the store as customer Beth Davis filmed him on her iPhone. “You were naked and had your pants down around your ankles. Someone stop him. Do not let him go out that door,” Davis said as she recorded Hounslow (who, like Bennett, was charged with indecent exposure).