"That Guy Just Shot The Urinal," Announced The Nightclub Employee

An accidental discharge into a urinal has a North Dakota man facing criminal charges.

Jason Pietrzak, 21, allegedly shot the bathroom fixture Friday night at the Whispers nightclub in Williston. The urinal did not survive getting plugged with a single round from Pietrzak’s .45-caliber semi-automatic Beretta, according to a Williston Police Department report.

Pietrzak told cops that the urinal shooting occurred while he attempted to unload his pistol, so to speak, in the Whispers bathroom. As Pietrzak ran from the club following the incident, a witness told cops that a club employee announced, “That guy just shot the urinal.” The witness added that Pietrzak was carrying the weapon after being accosted earlier in the evening by “a much larger man that was wearing what looked like ‘biker’ colors.”

Cited for discharging a firearm within city limits and malicious injury to property, Pietrzak is scheduled for a November 1 court appearance.

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must have really pissed him off.