Secret Service Busts Convicted Sex Offender For Death Threats Against Obama And Romney

Who says bipartisanship is dead?

The Secret Service today arrested a registered sex offender for allegedly threatening the lives of both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee.

Brandon Britton, a 51-year-old Ohio resident, was charged in a three-count felony complaint unsealed today in U.S. District Court in Akron. Britton is pictured at right in a photo from Ohio's sex offender registry on which he appears due to a prior conviction for gross sexual imposition.

According to an affidavit sworn by a Secret Service agent, Britton threatened Obama and Romney last month during a recorded conversation with a customer service representative for MegaMates, a California-based dating service he had joined.

Describing himself as "anti-government. I live in the woods, man," Britton told the rep, "I'm gonna kill Obama and O'Romney. I don't give a fuck who knows, alright?” Britton apparently called MegaMates because he was angry about being dunned for payment of overdue membership fees.

During subsequent questioning by a pair of Secret Service agents, Britton said that he did not recall threatening to kill Obama and Romney, claiming that he has been "blacking out" for up to three days. During these periods, "he has done things that he doesn't remember," reported Agent Istvan Szijarto.

Britton, who told investigators that he "has a history of anger management problems," allowed agents to search his residence. His belongings included 2,000 pages of journals and "drafts for a book Britton intended to publish, entitled, '666.'" Britton’s writings, Szijarto noted, were filled with "references to torture, rape, child pornography, pedophilia, incest, snuff films, and numerous other forms of abhorrent and torturous sexual behavior."

An online docket does not indicate when Britton will appear in federal court, where he has been hit with separate counts for threatening Obama and Romney. He faces a third charge for the interstate transmittal of a threat.