The Best Mug Shot Of A Fan Arrested This Week At A Lady Gaga Concert

Meet Nikki Oakley.

After attending a Lady Gaga concert Monday evening in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the 22-year was spotted by cops allegedly “yelling and swinging at people” in the parking lot of the BOK Center.

A Tulsa Police Department report charges that Oakley was intoxicated and copped to consuming “several shots of mixed drinks at the concert.”

“It was Lady Gaga, it was intense,” Oakley told TSG. Her cheap face paint, she added, was purchased at Hot Topic. And she was wearing a $40 Lady Gaga t-shirt at the time of her bust for public intoxication (though only a portion of the garment can be seen in the above mug shot).

Oakley was freed from the county jail after posting $150 bond.

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Lack of brains, class, and taste must be family traits...
You must be just sooooooo proud.....
dad says u rock!!!!!!!!!!!
yea! The whole family is proud of your stupidity! I am sure there are plenty of mug shots of the family and there will be plenty more mugshots of you.
That's not face paint! That's cheap mascara applied to look like face paint when it runs. Consumption of intoxicating beverages causes the swirly effect, esp when the person tries to "yell...& swing widly". Let's see: $150 bond, $40 T-shirt (which needs laundering), A$$ume @ $100 for the concert ticket (she looks nuts enough to pay it, not counting a Ticketmaster gouge), + fines & court costs of @ $300 ~, & she's looking at $600+ for a wild & swinging time!!! Plus hangover!!! Now...was she really PLANNING on having this much fun??? Oral sex at a Hot Tuna concert woulda been cheaper!!!
Did you know that Hot Tuna tried to come up with a term to describe their music.....the term they tried to use was" albahardcore"...... But it was canned.....
Hot Tuna??? How the heck old are you??? Those guys must be in a home by now... Lady Gag reflex sucks, by the by.