Degenerate Phone Prankster Receives Severe Dose Of Texas Justice

In what should serve as a warning to telephone terrorists everywhere, a former Pranknet member has been sentenced to five years in prison for a hoax call that resulted in significant damage to a McDonald’s in Texas.

James Tyler Markle, 20, received the stiff sentence Tuesday during a sentencing hearing before Judge Barry Bryan in Angelina County District Court, according to a court judgment. Markle will soon be transported from the county jail to the Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville, the state’s oldest lockup and home to its death chamber.

Markle, whose Pranknet handiwork was first described in these pages, pleaded guilty to placing a call last June that resulted in about $5000 in damages to a McDonald’s in Lufkin (that hoax is detailed here). As a teary Markle was led from the courthouse in handcuffs, his aunt told a TV reporter that he was a “very nice, respectful young man," adding that she had “never known him to be in trouble before.”

She apparently forgot the small matter of her nephew raping a five-year-old girl in the bathroom of a Baptist church. He spent about 30 months in a youth detention facility for that felony conviction. Markle is pictured in the above mug shot.

Earlier this year, Markle--who used the online moniker "Prankster"--was sentenced to three years probation after he pleaded guilty to two felonies stemming from a phone prank targeting an Arby’s restaurant in Louisiana. He also remains the target of a Kentucky police probe examining a repulsive prank at a Lexington hotel that ended with a front desk clerk drinking the urine of a hotel guest.

On the bright side, Markle’s stay in Huntsville could be significantly shortened if he is granted admission into a “shock probation” program. That decision, Judge Bryan noted, will be made in three to four months.

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With a felony conviction for raping a five year old, why is this guy alive, much less not locked up for life. He will contribute nothing to society.
What the hell is "shock probation"? Is that where his nuts are going to be "lit up"? If so... Good! if not?... What the hell is Shock Probation? Just sending it out there...
Unfortunately these Monsters tend to escalate. They start thinking their mistake was leaving the victim alive to testify against them in a court of law. So they murder them thinking they will "skate" because "no one will figure it out in time." Why they are let out amazes me. They just will NOT stop. We always have to stop them.
30 months for child rape and 5 years for being stupid ........ If the judge had given him 30 years for the rape this would not be a story ......... our courts and judges are stupid and need about 5 years hard time ...........
Unfortunately I've ventured into the same county that this jackass is from and it's sad to know that this is normal. The entire county is just trash and rednecks. You're either off the wall rich, stuck up and don't travel around town or you're a hick and have a history of misdemeanors by the time you're 16. Just to give you an idea, Jasper, TX is only a few miles away from this town. The 'government officials' are even worse. They constantly take bribes and get caught but only get a slap on the wrist. The beauty of small town politics.
Shock probation ?!?!? Shock ... only to the general public who has to suffer from the felonious actions this sicko has perpetrated. And, double-shock to learn that our tax dollars are being spent possibly to provide him a lawyer, treatment in hospitals, and triple-shock that some idiot judge cannot find a jail to house him for a decent sentence. An iron cage in the desert, door welded shut, and only his family allowed near to handle his food. clothing, laundry .. nothing at tax-payer expense.
I know right. And he is the second guy in that group that is a convicted child molester/rapist/abuser. The FBI should bring every single one of them in for questioning for any unsolved child molestation cases in the area. Seems like a club.
Yes, they should. Our children and our friend's children are in danger. They just never stop on their own. We always have to make them stop.
What the Huntsville Guards ought to do is give word of this creeps predilections to the inmates. See how long rough justice takes then!