Noted: Price On Illicit Act Seen Going Up And Down In Florida

Prices for blowjobs appear to be wildly fluctuating in western Florida, an economic analysis of police reports reveals.

During recent undercover stings, suspected hookers have quoted prices ranging from a paltry $17 to a whopping $500, according to police reports excerpted above.

The budget sex provider (pictured at left in the mug shots at right) offered to return three singles in exchange for a $20 bill. When her more expensive counterpart solicited a cop on Tuesday, he “feigned surprise at the high cost of the oral sex.”

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Yea, the blond isn't to bad
Never had a bj from a ugly woman. Besides, all you see is the top of their head, no?
If they have a good hair style you can rest your bottle on their head as well so you don't have to put it down.
Yeah it was $17. But that bioch had a bad toof and it smelled rank.
The $17 lady probably gives a much better BJ too because she has a lot more practice. I hardly think the small improvement in the other one's facial appearance is worth the extra $483.
Or is someone finally closing down the trailer parks again?
I'm doing a school research paper. What part of Florida was the BJ only $17. That's a lot cheaper than here in Tol..... I mean, other places I've surveyed.
That's exactly why the American market loses out to the Asian market..they can deliver better goods and services for cheaper price and faster service...
This is true...I'm in Manila and despite the drop in value of the $, current price is $23.
When I was in the P.I. in 1961 a B.J. cost $2.00