Noted: Price On Illicit Act Seen Going Up And Down In Florida

Prices for blowjobs appear to be wildly fluctuating in western Florida, an economic analysis of police reports reveals.

During recent undercover stings, suspected hookers have quoted prices ranging from a paltry $17 to a whopping $500, according to police reports excerpted above.

The budget sex provider (pictured at left in the mug shots at right) offered to return three singles in exchange for a $20 bill. When her more expensive counterpart solicited a cop on Tuesday, he “feigned surprise at the high cost of the oral sex.”

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Hmmm, the blond is kinda cute. I'd hit it.
She is a prostitute, you can hit it for the right price.
What does the writer mean "a paltry $17.00 for a B.J. That is expensive, it should not take more than 5 minutes if she was any good. That comes out to $340/hr. I suppose we have to give her a little time to gargle but, she should still be able to turn at least $200/hr.
It might depend on their dental work (or lack of).
Market instability. This is all part of the fallout from Enron, Ireland, and Portugal.
Why is red-state Florida constantly being represented here on TSG? I am guessing those failed family values have a real impact for those who live here :p
Because, it is all those perverted Yankees moving down here.
Makes sense, cops usually get comped.
I would not let ANY part of my body anywhere near this discount pig...she is one of the reasons some guys switch teams...I would rather be back in Viet Nam in the 60's fighting in the jungle & crawling through tunnels looking for someone to kill than let her come anywhere near me...that is one scary bitch...
She doesn't sound like a very good negotiator.