Cops: Florida Couple Was Engaged In "Rough Sex," Not Domestic Abuse

Florida police responding to a late-night call about a domestic disturbance discovered instead that the purported combatants were actually having “rough sex,” according to an investigative report.

At around 1:30 AM Sunday, Officer Matthew Schwartz of the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office arrived at a Bradenton home and met with a woman who had called 911. The report does not identify the woman or reveal whether she was a neighbor (or actually present in the home where the “rough sex” transpired).

Schwartz, who separately interviewed “both individuals in the alleged domestic,” reported that each “stated they were having ‘rough sex’ and their actions were misunderstood,” the cop added.

After comparing the pair’s accounts, “it was determined their stories matched to support the ‘rough sex’ situation,” Schwartz concluded.

Before departing the residence, the cop “issued Domestic Brochure to both parties and advised them if they were victims to contact law enforcement for help.” The woman who dialed 911 should have been issued ear plugs.