Cops: Man Hid Camera In Starbucks Bathroom, Filmed 45 Women And Children

A California man placed a hidden camera inside a Starbucks bathroom and filmed dozens of unsuspecting women and children, according to police. The camera was disguised as a coat hook and affixed to a wall adjacent to a toilet for two days last month.

William Zafra Velasco, 25, was arrested earlier this month by Glendora Police Department officers, who executed search warrants at the San Dimas home of the unemployed student. Detectives examining Velasco’s computers discovered “disturbing video of at least 45 female victims using the restroom, including children,” according to investigators.

Velasco, pictured in the above mug shot, was charged with secretly videotaping 45 victims for sexual gratification. Free on $50,000 bail, he is scheduled for a June 21 Superior Court appearance. Cops do not believe that the bathroom videos were uploaded to the Internet or distributed in any other fashion. In addition to video, the surveillance device was equipped to record sound.

After the camera was discovered by a Starbucks employee, police were summoned to the restaurant, where they photographed the device. Evidence photos (here and here) show the hook on a wall next to a sink. A third photo shows the view from the hidden camera’s vantage point.

Police identified Velasco following a review of Starbucks surveillance video showing him entering the café. Over a two-day period last month, police allege, Velasco would enter the bathroom every hour and remove the camera. He would then go to his car and download its videos to his laptop. He would then return to the bathroom and affix the coat hook to the wall.

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Am I to understand that MEN do not use the bathroom at Starbucks? All of the Starbucks that I've been to do not have sexually unique bathrooms, they have a bathroom and both sexes use it. Perhaps this another case of 'Men don't really matter' so we're not going to mention them, only the women and the children. Screw the women and the children, let's have them start to register for the draft and die in wars, all that men get are 'responsibilities' while the women get all the rights and preferential treatment, affirmative action, etc.
Actually, the majority of Starbucks that I've been to have both male and female bathrooms. So, I don't know why you're just assuming that it was a unisex bathroom. Also, they reviewed the tapes and said it was 45 women, they would have mentioned men if there were men. Stop being so self-centered. I can tell you don't have a wife or girlfriend. I feel sorry for you. As a woman, I can tell you that you are going to be a very lonely man if you really feel this way. I'm SO grateful my fiance is the exact opposite of men like you. OR you're homosexual, which is fine, but stop blaming women and children for your unhappiness. Women do not always get preferential treatment. We are paid less, have to bear children, are raped, and abused by men. I don't feel sorry for myself because of those things, so you should stop feeling sorry for yourself because you're a man. MAN up buddy, stop whining, it must be that time of the month for you. lol.
You don't HAVE to have kids. You are generally paid less because you don't carry out the same tasks (armed forces is a prime example). Men are also raped (by the opposite sex). Men are also in abusive relationships with members of the opposite sex. Do you have any other massive generalisations you with to put out there for me to shoot down with my 'burn-o-matic'?
You might not think so now, but you will KNOW one day... your fiance IS this guy! Mark my words lady.
"women are forced to bear children, and are raped" You sir, are a stupid ***.
That's not a guy, that was a HO
Well, if they would have hung up their coats, Tex, there would have been no problem!
Any coats hung on that low hanger would touch the floor and would also have gotten wet from water splashing from the sink. The guy should have picked a more realistic location.
His real name is Guillermo Zafra Velasco, deport this creep back into the alleys of Guadalajara, Mexico