Cops: Couple Tried To Stiff Taxi Driver After Sex Session In Rear Of Illinois Cab

Perhaps they thought the performance was payment enough.

An Illinois cab driver recently called police to complain that a couple who had just finished having sex in the rear of his cab were refusing to pay the $83 fare.

Hack Faisal Kokazeh, 28, told Orland Park Police Department officers that passengers Andrew Vukovich and Stefanie Herringer claimed they were unable to pay him at the conclusion of a recent 3:30 AM ride.

Kokazeh noted that he “witnessed both Andrew and Stefanie perform intercourse in the back of the van,” and “simply wanted both of them out of the taxi, and the fare paid,” according to a police report.

Vukovich and Herringer, an officer reported, smelled of booze and “were producing incoherent sentences, attempting to gather clothing that was strewn throughout the taxi.” And neither of them “had a purse or wallet on their person.”

The couple, who had been driven by Kokazeh to Vukovich’s home, avoided arrest when Vukovich, seen above, “was able to obtain his mother’s credit card” to pay for the fare. Vukovich and Herringer had been partying at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill prior to entering Kokazeh’s 2010 minivan.