Father Accuses Texas Teachers Of Ordering A "Code Red" On His Six-Year-Old Son

Two Texas elementary school teachers are under criminal investigation for disciplining a six-year-old “bully” by making the boy’s fellow kindergarten students strike him in a gauntlet as an educator instructed the children to “hit him” and “hit him harder,” police allege.

When informed of the incident last month at Salinas Elementary School, the boy’s father told cops, “No child deserved this treatment.” Referring to the female teachers, he added, “They ordered a code red on my son!”

According to a police report, one teacher sought a colleague’s help in disciplining the boy, who “was a bully in her classroom.” The teacher brought the boy, Aiden Neely, into the second teacher’s classroom, where the students were directed to “teach him why bullying is bad.”

Then, police noted, a series of children struck Neely as one of the teachers urged them to “hit him harder.” “It was not until the 6th or 7th child hit [Neely] high up on his back and harder than the others had hit” him that one of the teachers stopped the beating.

In police interviews, many of the young students reported that they “were afraid not to” hit Neely (seen at left), since they “had been taught to do what their teacher said.” Both teachers--who have not been identified--were placed on paid administrative leave after being interviewed by investigators.

Prosecutors are now reviewing the incident and will decide what charges, if any, will be filed against the educators.

A spokesperson for the school district said that the teacher who “provoked the incident” will not return to the district “in any capacity.” The second teacher who “witnessed the incident and delayed reporting it” has been “reprimanded and reeducated” and will be allowed to return to her school pending the district attorney’s charging decision.