Trio Of 13-Year-Old Boys Busted For Knifepoint Condom, Candy Robbery At Walgreens

Three 13-year-old boys are facing armed robbery charges in connection with the knifepoint robbery of condoms and candy from a Walgreens store in Wisconsin.

The trio was nabbed after boarding a municipal bus to make their getaway Friday night from the pharmacy in Madison, according to police.

Cops reported that the boys, whose names were withheld due to their ages, were confronted by a manager when he spotted them trying to boost the candy. After following the trio outside the Walgreens, the man told police, “at least two, and maybe all three, of the boys brandished knives.”

Additionally, one of the teens threw a stolen $15 package of condoms at the store manager, while another boy shouted, “Don't you call the (expletive) police!”

After collaring the boys, cops recovered three steak knives from the young suspects. One boy said he carried a knife for protection, while another claimed to have been “cutting food earlier and had forgotten he had left the blade in his pocket.”

Each boy was booked into Madison’s Juvenile Reception Center on a variety of charges, including armed robbery, retail theft, and carrying a concealed weapon.