Cops: Virginia Booze Thieves Wore Watermelons On Head As Disguise

Two young men wearing hollowed-out watermelon rinds on their heads stole alcohol from a Virginia convenience store, according to police who this weekend apprehended one of the masked bandits.

The duo, cops say, earlier this month swiped booze from a Sheetz convenience store in Louisa, a town 30 miles east of Charlottesville. As recorded in surveillance footage, the melon-headed perps had cut eye holes in the watermelon rinds.

As seen above, the pair had even posed for a photograph at a Food Lion store in Louisa prior to their alleged alcohol heist.

Police have charged Justin Rogers, 20, with larceny, underage possession of alcohol, and wearing a mask while committing larceny. Rogers is pictured in the mug shot at right.

Police have asked anyone with information about the identity of Rogers’s accomplice to call them, noting that, “The reference case is “MELON-HEADS.”