Things Not To Say (Or Admit) To A Law Enforcement Agent (#1)

Tip for those enjoying alcoholic beverages on a public thoroughfare: “I was just getting my drink on” is not a sufficient explanation when approached by police.

But that’s how Elmer Hodge, 53, greeted a Louisiana sheriff’s deputy on a Monroe sidewalk, according to a September 27 probable cause affidavit excerpted above (click to enlarge). The arresting officer wrote that Hodge, pictured at right, “advised me he was hanging out in the street getting his drink on because he does not have anywhere to go.”

During a search of Hodge, the deputy found two crack pipes in the suspect’s pants pocket and a crack rock in his cap. Hodge was arrested on vagrancy and drug charges.

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good style. bitch, i'm getting my drink on. what's it look like i'm doing? day trading?