NYPD: Firefighter Battered Wife In Head With iPad During Domestic Assault

A New York City firefighter allegedly used an iPad to bludgeon his wife in the head during an assault this week in the couple’s Staten Island home, police allege.

Eric Bischoff, 39, was charged with harassment and two counts of assault in connection with the February 24 confrontation with his spouse, according to a felony Criminal Court complaint.

Describing the popular tablet as a “deadly weapon or a dangerous instrument,” NYPD Officer Eric Pena reported that Bischoff struck his wife “in the head two times with an Apple I-Pad causing…substantial pain and swelling to [her] head.”

After the iPad assault, Bischoff, seen at left, grabbed his wife by the hair and pushed her to the ground, Pena added.

Bischoff, a trustee with the firefighters union, has pleaded not guilty to the charges. A judge ordered Bischoff’s release on his own recognizance, and issued a temporary order of protection barring him from contact with his wife.