Fun City: Crazed Naked Guy Terrorizes New York City Subway Passengers

A crazed naked man seen menacing New York City subway passengers on a scary new viral video was handcuffed and transported to a Bronx hospital last week, but not charged in connection with the bizarre incident, according to police.

Warning: The above video contains profanity and nudity and is NSFW.

The man’s May 2 outburst occurred on a northbound 6 train in the Hunts Point Avenue station in the south Bronx. As seen in the video, which was originally uploaded to YouTube by a straphanger, the man yelled racial and ethnic slurs as he finished removing his pants.

After hurling himself into a set of doors, the man took off his boxer shorts, which elicited squeals from shocked observers. As a police officer was talking on his radio, the man bolted from the subway car and accosted a woman walking up a stairway. After slamming a package of hers to the ground, he lunged at a man walking perilously close to a platform edge.

With the help of some male onlookers, the cop succeeded in wrestling the man to the ground, where he was subdued. A police spokesman told TSG that the man, 41, was treated as an emotionally disturbed person and transported in custody to Lincoln Hospital for psychological evaluation.

The Transit District 12 officer with whom he grappled suffered a minor injury for which he was treated and released at Jacobi Hospital, the spokesman added.

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we had met on craigslist and he seemed to be a very sweet guy. must have been upset that I was late for this meeting.
From the look of things, he wasn't charged due to "insufficient evidence." Good thing for him, though, because if it went to trial he probably couldn't have made the evidence "stand up" in court.
I CAME HERE BECAUSE DRUDGE REPORT HAD THIS AS ITS MAIN HEADLINE - What the hell is wrong with you, DRUDGE?. You know the subways are on high alert now that Bin Laden is dead - what's the matter, can't wait for a real terrorist attack to happen so you had to create your own with that ridiculous headline. You obviously don't ride the subway or you would know that this kinda bullshiat situation happens all the time.
I am an attorney in Los Angeles and I will represent this man at his request. It appears to me he is exorcising his first amendment right as an 'social artist'. If a pagan can put a cruxifix in urine and the put the virgin Mary in elephant dung, my client has the right to perform 'social artwork' in public. Take that you liberals and tea-baggers.
The fact that you took the time to write that says volumes for your state of mind, which is that you may be an idiot. The fact that I took the time to tell you, means you are indeed an idiot.
At least there was no concern about the nutjob having a concealed weapon!
It was cold in the subway I tell you. Damn you shrinkage! -Crazy Naked Guy
Which is the New York City Police Officer more afraid of: A. He will get in trouble if he hurts the crazy man. or . . . B. He will get in trouble if the crazy man hurts someone. The answer is A.. The courts, the ACLU, NYCLU, the New York Times and the liberal progressive establishment have a 40+ year history of going after cops who do A., with a vengeance, and not giving a crap about B. Blame "progressives" for what this cop's reaction is.
Not an expert on anything. This officer's handling of the situation not only exemplified proper procedure (i.e. calling for backup, subduing suspect without undue force), but the fact that he kept calm in such bizzare circumstances is stellar. And trust me, crap like this doesn't happen all that often in NYC anymore. Instead of behaving like a rabid right-wing nut, which doesn't add to the conversation, you should learn from my example. Commend good cops when they're caught on camera doing their job perfectly and criticize bad cops who give the profession a bad name when they're caught on camera abusing their power, brutalizing citizens and giving the profession a worse reputation than it already has.