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Woman Blamed "Curious" Dog In Pet Sex Case

Floridians busted for sex acts with male Husky

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Husky Collar

AUGUST 4--The Florida Woman charged with receiving oral sex from her dog confessed to the crime and told cops that the male Husky, named Loki, was just “being curious,” according to a felony complaint.

Christina Calello, 36, and Geoffrey Springer, 39, were arrested Tuesday and charged with sexual activity involving animals, a felony. Police identified Springer as Calello’s former boyfriend.

Investigators say they recently recovered a video--shot by Springer--showing “the animal performing oral sex on his ex girlfriend.” The video was stored on a flash drive in a “folder titled ‘XXX Sex Videos Loki.’”

The recording was made in “May/June 2022,” according to a complaint that does not reveal how police obtained Springer’s “personal USB drive.”

Springer identified Calello as the woman in the video, according to cops who noted that both Calello and the woman in the clip have a “heart shape tattoo on her hip area.” Additionally, Springer said Calello “has engaged in 30-50 sexual acts with the dog in a time span of 8 years.”

After being read her rights, Calello reportedly “admitted to the dog possibly performing oral sex on her numerous times due to the dog being curious.” Video evidence, cops say, showed Calello “not making any motions or gesture to stop the sexual act.”

Pictured above, Calello and Springer were released yesterday from the Pinellas County jail. Calello is free on $5000 bond, while Springer was released on his own recognizance. The pair reside in separate homes in the Tampa Bay area.

Court filings do not indicate how long Calello and Springer were a couple (or when they broke up). Calello was arrested in May for allegedly “hitting, scratching, and biting” Springer during an argument in her Safety Harbor apartment. Prosecutors subsequently declined to pursue a misdemeanor domestic battery case against Calello.

Loki was seized by police and taken to a pet hospital, where an examination showed no signs of injury to the canine. (2 pages)