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Cops: Man Sought Sex For Himself, Horse

Hooker was offered $440 for threesome

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Indecent WA. Proposal

OCTOBER 26--A Washington man sought to hire a hooker for himself and his miniature horse, according to police who charged him with animal cruelty and patronizing a prostitute.

Jad Shipman, 48, was arrested last week following a vice probe involving TNABoard, an online site advertising sex/escort services. Shipman resides in Longview, a city 40 miles north of Vancouver.

As alleged in a probable cause affidavit, Shipman--using the screen name “TheMalamute”--offered to pay $440 to a forum user named “Diane” to “have sexual contact with him and his miniature horse.” Shipman also used an email address containing the phrase “hotmare,” according to a police report.

“Diane” provided cops with copies of explicit messages sent to her by Shipman, who allegedly wrote that he wanted to “watch a gal eat out the miniature horse that I have while sitting on my male member.”  

While trying to entice a potential paid companion, Shipman acknowledged the difficulty in arranging such a threesome: “Last two gals I asked said it was noticeably outside their comfort zone,” he wrote, as first reported by Matt Esnayra in The Daily News.

When confronted by police, Shipman reportedly “admitted to being TNA Board user ‘TheMalamute’ and soliciting ‘Diane’ to ‘eat out’ or ‘lick’ one of his miniature horses’ ‘private parts.’” He selected “Diane,” Shipman told cops, because she posted in the board’s “Fetish” section and he “hoped that she would be more agreeable to having sexual contact with him and his miniature horse.” 

During police questioning, “Shipman admitted to having prior sexual contact with animals,” according to the probable cause statement.

An investigator reported spotting two miniature horses in the pasture of the rural 7.62 acre property Shipman and his wife purchased for $365,000 in July 2019.

A judge released Shipman on $1000 bail and ordered him to have no contact with animals. While the prosecuting attorney has declined to file felony charges against Shipman in Superior Court, his case has been referred to the lower District Court for lesser charges, records show. (2 pages)