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Burglary Nets Pizzas, Hot Dogs, Human Remains

Ashes were taken from storage container

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Remains Burgled

NOVEMBER 19--Two South Carolina roommates who contacted cops to report that their home was burglarized listed frozen pizzas, hot dogs, a bottle of Jack Daniel's, and the cremated remains of a relative among the items stolen, police say.

Upon returning to their Spartanburg home early Saturday evening, Alisha Moseley, 26, and Savannah Fruchey, 25, noticed that their front door was unlocked. The women told police that after a break-in last month, they had the front door lock replaced and they were the only ones with keys to the new deadbolt.

An inventory of their residence revealed that the burglar (or burglars) swiped cosmetics, Roku devices, jewelry, and assorted food items. The stolen items also included  “Ms. Fruchey's grandfather's ashes,” according to a Spartanburg Police Department report.

Oddly, the cremated remains were taken, “but not the container they were in,” investigators noted.

Cops noticed no signs of forced entry at the front door and recovered no fingerprints from a rear sliding door. Moseley and Fruchey said that they “didn’t know who would keep breaking into their apartment.”

While the report does not address why the ashes were stolen, in prior thefts, intruders have mistaken cremated remains for powdered narcotics. (1 page)