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Police: Man Attacked Mother Over Mannequin

Suspect also tried to force feed victim dumplings

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Mannequin Battery

MARCH 26--After his 73-year-old mother refused to dress his mannequin, a Florida Man shoved the woman to ground and began stuffing dumplings in her mouth, a forced feeding that left the victim unable to breathe, according to police.

Responding to a call about a domestic disturbance last night, cops found the victim, whose face was covered in blood, to be “shaking with fear” inside the Boynton Beach home she shares with her son, Mikkel Dankner.

The woman told cops she was in the home’s backyard when her 40-year-old son asked her to “dress his mannequin.” When the elderly woman declined, Dankner “stood in the screen door” blocking his mother’s path back inside the home.

The victim, cops report, pushed the mannequin to the ground, prompting her son to abandon the doorway to pick up the mannequin. A confrontation in the home’s kitchen soon followed, according a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office report.

Dankner allegedly shoved his mother to the floor and struck her several times in the head with a small stool. Dankner then “grabbed small dumplings made for dinner and started to shove them into” his mother’s mouth. The woman told a deputy that she “could not breathe” while the dumplings were forced on her.

The victim subsequently ran from the home, meeting a neighbor in the driveway. The witness, who called 911, told police that the victim had yelled, “Help! He’s going to kill me.” The neighbor added that Dankner “suffers from Bipolar disorder and frequently has violent outbursts.”

The police report offers no further information about the mannequin owned by Dankner, who is seen in the above mug shot. Dankner's mother was transported to a local hospital due to lacerations requiring stitches.

Charged with domestic battery by strangulation and aggravated domestic battery on a victim over 65, Dankner is being held without bond in the county jail. A judge today directed Dankner to undergo a mental health assessment and ordered him to have no contact with his mother and the neighbor who summoned police. (2 pages)