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Police: Burglar Got Off With 12" Adult Toy

Residential break-in netted suspect $30 vibrator

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Adult Toy Thief

SEPTEMBER 30--A burglar broke into a North Carolina residence last week and stole a 12-inch sex toy, according to a police report.

Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded Wednesday evening to a reported break-in at a residence in Leland, a town 10 miles from Wilmington.

The burglary suspect, who remains at large, entered the Buckwood Court home and departed with the “12” electric vibrator wand,” two pieces of jewelry, coins, and several other items worth a combined $450.

The stolen sex toy is valued at $30, according to the report, which does not reveal whether the item was new or used. Or if it came with batteries.

The victim is listed as the 38-year-old woman who owns the 1600-square-foot residence.

If apprehended, the vibrator thief could face larceny and breaking and entering charges. (1 page)