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Panty Thief Busted Up, Then Busted

Oklahoma man nabs serial lingerie pilferer in 'string operation'

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Panty Thief Busted Up, Then Busted

AUGUST 10--Meet Bruce Taylor.

The Oklahoma man was busted and busted up last Friday by an aggrieved husband and wife team whose home had been broken into on five consecutive nights.

And why was the 20-year-old Enid man allegedly coming back to their place night after night after night after night after night? He was there for Maria Isordia's bras and panties.

According to an affidavit filed in Garfield County District Court, husband Carlos set a trap for Taylor that would have made MacGyver proud. Using only a coffee cup, string, and a bra, Carlos nabbed Taylor (and then beat the intruder silly with a wooden leg taken off his baby's crib).

Taylor, now facing up to 20 years in prison after being hit with a felony burglary charge, was treated at a local hospital before posing for the above Garfield County Sheriff's Office mug shot.

While getting bandaged up, Taylor admitted to cops he kept the unmentionables in a lunch box next to his bed. But Enid cops told TSG that they actually found his underwear stash--weighing in at an astonishing 55 pounds--stored in a large red cooler. Somehow we think we've heard this story before. (3 pages)

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