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Creepy Fetishist Nabbed For Pool Float Theft Spree

Suspect used items for sexual gratification

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Pool Float Fiend

JUNE 15--A creepy fetishist is behind bars in connection with a months-long robbery spree that netted dozens of pool floats that the suspect said he “sexually gratifies himself with,” according to police reports.

Christopher Monnin, a 35-year-old ex-con, reportedly told cops that he opted for the pool floats “instead of raping women.”

Monnin, who has served time for burglary, was arrested around 1:30 AM Thursday after being stopped as a “suspicious person” by a Palm Bay Police Department officer. Monnin, who was riding his bicycle at the time, was carrying a “white garbage bag full of what he identified as deflated pool floats,” the cop reported.

Palm Bay, where Monnin lives, has been “plagued with burglaries in which the suspect cuts the screen or otherwise enters a victim’s back pool area and steals only pool floats,” according to the report. During the past seven months, police have received about 13 reports about pool float burglaries.

During questioning, Monnin reportedly confessed to burglarizing several residences and swiping “many floats.” Monnin added that he stored the stolen goods inside a vacant house across the street from his residence.

Monnin accompanied police to the home, where investigators found “an estimated 75 pool floats,” including a lounge chair with cup holders, a float shaped like a piece of bacon, a duck float, and a watermelon float. Monnin also allegedly swiped a Shaquille O’Neal-branded “Shaq” inflatable lounger.

Monnin, whose home does not have a pool, reportedly “stated that he sexually gratifies himself with the floats and does this instead of raping women.”

Pictured above, Monnin is being held in the Brevard County jail on five felony burglary charges and five misdemeanor theft counts. His bond has been set at $78,500. Monnin’s rap sheet includes multiple prior convictions for burglary, theft, and violating probation. (2 pages)