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Prison Ahead For Woman In Vagina Gun Case

Weapon was found hidden inside arrested teen

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Vagina Gun Plea

NOVEMBER 19--The Tennessee woman who had a loaded gun hidden in her vagina when she was booked into jail last year has pleaded guilty to an assortment of criminal charges that will cost her several years in prison, court records show.

Dallas Archer, 21, is scheduled to be sentenced today for introducing contraband into a penal facility, a felony for which she will serve a three-year prison term, according to a plea agreement.

Archer, seen above, has also copped to vandalism and failure to appear charges, the sentences for which will be served consecutively following the completion of the custodial term for the contraband count. She will also have to pay about $1000 in fines.

The Kingsport resident was arrested last April (when she was 19) for driving with a suspended license. As Archer was being booked into the local lockup, a female jailer searching the suspect “located an unknown item in her crotch,” according to a Kingsport Police Department report.

Archer was then accompanied by the jailer and a female cop to a bathroom, where the investigators discovered that the teenager had a loaded handgun concealed in her vagina. After the pistol was “recovered,” cops determined that it was a .22 caliber North American Arms mini-revolver (which can hold five rounds).

A police check determined that the five-inch gun had been stolen in 2013 from an automobile owned by John Souther, a Kingsport resident.

In addition to the prison contraband count, Archer was initially hit with firearms possession and stolen property charges. But a grand jury later voted not to indict her on the latter two felonies.

The $250 handgun--which was taken from Souther’s car while the vehicle was parked next to his home--has yet to be returned to the 71-year-old.

Following Archer’s arrest, a TSG reporter broke the news to Souther that his revolver had been stashed inside Archer. “Oh, gosh,” Souther said. He added that while he wanted “the little fellow” returned, the revolver would need “a bath in bleach.” (5 pages)