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Barbra Sues Over Aerial Photos

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Barbra Sues Over Aerial Photos

More Barbra Intrusions

MAY 30--Claiming an invasion of her privacy, Barbra Streisand is suing a California man for disseminating aerial pictures of her Malibu home.

In a May 20 lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Streisand seeks an order barring photographer Kenneth Adelman from continuing to distribute images of her swanky spread. Adelman operates the California Coastal Records Project, which specializes in aerial photographs of the California coast, images intended for use by scientists and researchers.

Streisand's lawsuit contends that the photos (a cropped version of one image is here) provide a "road map into her residence" and "clearly identify those routes that could be used to enter her property."

Though Streisand filed her complaint under seal, you'll find it beginning on page two of this TSG story. We're not sure how an intrusion would be accomplished, but you never can discount the craftiness of rock climbers, hang glider pilots, and parachutists. (12 pages)

UPDATE: MEMO TO BABS: TSG has found three more prospective defendants for you:

With Streisand in the suing mood, perhaps she'll consider slapping a complaint on the Mapquest folks, because--if any miscreants are armed with the address of her Malibu pad--they can get a grainy satellite photo of her oceanfront estate. Here you'll find an image of Streisand's property, which was snapped by a satellite orbiting 22,000 miles above Barbra's backyard. We've added the red arrow pointing to her 10,485-square-foot house, which has eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. TSG also recommends a lawsuit against L.A.'s Office of the Assessor, which had the nerve to include Streisand's estate on a county property assessment map. Click here to see that affront. And while she's at it, Streisand might as well sue the U.S. Geological Survey for its satellite spying. Click here to see that intrusive image. (3 pages)