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Broken Seal: Peeking At Some Private Parts

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We can't think of anything more unseemly than rich guys fighting over spare millions.

The following documents are from an ongoing lawsuit brought by Howard Stern against Evergreen Media Corporation, which once paid the DJ to broadcast his show on one of its Chicago stations. Stern alleges that Evergreen breached a multimillion-dollar contract by yanking him off the air; at the time, Evergreen cited concerns about looming Federal Communications Commission sanctions.

But Howard doesn't want anyone to actually view the court file in this legal matter. Stern and Evergreen convinced Judge Beatrice Shainswit last year to sign this order sealing the case.

But a flimsy piece of paper doesn't deter The Smoking Gun.

Now Howard's sidekicks, underlings, and unpaid interns can see just how good it is to be the King (of All Media). Read on, knaves.