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Howard Stern In "Hot" Suit With ABC

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Howard Stern In "Hot" Suit With ABC

MARCH 14--Claiming that the ABC television show "Are You Hot?" is a blatant rip-off of a segment from his radio program, Howard Stern yesterday sued the network and a California production company whose ranks include a couple of former cronies of the King of All Media. Stern's Los Angeles Superior Court complaint, the heart of which you'll find below, also names "Are You Hot?" producer Scott Einziger, former executive producer of Stern's E! Entertainment Television series, as a defendant. And the lawsuit also notes that Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling, whose bitter 2001 contract dispute ended his long stint with Stern, is a consultant on the show. Stern, who contends that the ABC program copies "The Evaluators," his wildly popular bit rating the physical attributes of women, is seeking eight figures in damages. (7 pages)

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Does this mean he'll sue me every time I bust one because I'm infringing on his 'Fartman' character?