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Janet Jackson Divorce Drama

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Janet Jackson Divorce Drama

While most Hollywood divorces get settled before a messy public trial (see Cruise v. Kidman), Janet Jackson's acrimonious split from husband Rene Elizondo may soon be headed for a Los Angeles courtroom. In late-December, a Superior Court judge set a May trial date for the divorce action, which Elizondo filed in May 2000 to dissolve the couple's secret nine-year marriage. According to court records, Elizondo claims that Jackson manipulated him into foregoing songwriting credit on 37 tracks because, "Janet told me that my involvement had to be kept secret in order to protect her image" as a composer and songwriter. Elizondo also claims that, prior to marrying Jackson in 1991, he signed--without reading--an agreement that legally separated any assets acquired by each party before or during their union. Elizondo claims that Jackson (who was worth $10 million when they wed) and her lawyer pressured him into signing the document, which he did under duress. In fact, in a bid to support this claim, Elizondo recently filed a forensic psychologist's report claiming that he suffers from a personality disorder which makes him susceptible to "being manipulated, exploited, and unduly influenced. "Here are some highlights from the Jackson/Elizondofile:

Pages 1-7: Elizondo says Janet played him.

Page 8: Legalese keeps hands off Janet's assets.

Pages 9-12: The $10 million woman.

Pages 13-15: Psychologist weighs in on clingy Rene.

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