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Justin Bieber Banks $300,000 Nightly. Sigh.

Teen menace outearns young stars Drake, Gomez

Justin Bieber

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Bieber Money Chart

SEPTEMBER 28--Justin Bieber earns a minimum of $300,000 per concert, placing him near the top of the summertime tour earnings list, contract records show.

The 16-year-old performer earns more per gig than established acts like Sheryl Crow ($146,500), Weezer ($150,000), and Bret Michaels ($64,000). Bieber, though, does not command as much as Rascal Flatts ($702,500), Kiss ($500,000), or Keith Urban ($487,500).

A review of dozens of concert contracts shows that Bieber outearns all of his young contemporaries, banking twice as much as Drake ($155,000), three times that of Disney star Selena Gomez ($100,000), and four times as mush as “American Idol” winner Jordin Sparks ($75,000). An excerpt from a recent Bieber performance contract--which stipulates that payments be made to the company Bieber Time Touring, LLC--can be found here.

Click here for a chart showing the per-gig earnings of Bieber and a few dozen other artists that have toured over the past few months.

Like many acts, Bieber can earn more than his guaranteed $300,000 fee based on gross box office receipts (GBOR), a percentage of which is provided to the teen star post-concert. Additionally, when promoters provide Bieber with sound and lighting systems, that is a show cost for which the young performer is not responsible.

Bieber, represented by the powerhouse Creative Artists Agency, does not pay for an opening act, is guaranteed “100% Headline billing,” and closes all shows, according to his standard performance contract. (1 page)

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