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Kevin Hart Is Very Particular About His Stool

Comic's tour rider is a really demanding document

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Kevin Hart's Stool

JANUARY 24--Now that Kevin Hart has returned to the road for his 2022-23 “Reality Check” tour, promoters everywhere are grappling with the star’s tour rider, which addresses “VERY IMPORTANT” requirements like floss sticks and “Man scented candles,” as well as his black stool, for which “substitutions will not be accepted.”

The 43-year-old comedian’s rider, which covers 46 pages, is testament to Hart’s status as an A-list concert draw. Highlights of the document include:

* Along with a “Star Dressing Room With An En Suite Bathroom,” Hart needs a separate “catering room” and a “private room.” All three rooms are to be outfitted with assorted furniture, “55”+” televisions, and “single glass door” refrigerators.  

* As for the comedian’s food and beverage requirements, those are spelled out in five separate rider sections: Mr. Hart’s Drinks, Mr. Hart’s Alcohol, Mr. Hart’s Hot Food, Mr. Hart’s Salad Bar, and Mr. Hart’s Other Food And Snacks.

* A separate section, titled “VERY IMPORTANT,” notes that promoters are to provide Hart with Listerine mouth wash, floss sticks, a .25 ounce container of Vaseline lip therapy in the “Original flavor,” and four “Man scented candles” for the star’s dressing room and bathroom.

* When it comes to Hart’s onstage seating, the “ONLY ACCEPTABLE STOOL” is a Winsome brand “29” tall, square leg, flat top” model. Along with a photo of the required stool, the rider includes a link to order the item via Amazon. “The exact stool is important and substitutions will not be accepted,” the rider states. “Please notify immediately if there are any issues.”

* The tour’s lighting requirements include a pair of hazers that provide a translucent atmospheric effect onstage. “Haze is absolutely necessary for all Kevin Hart shows,” the rider declares, adding that promoters are required to handle all permitting and safety measures “for the required foggers/hazers.” While Hart’s opening acts do not appear before 7 PM, “We will start hazing at 1:00 PM,” the rider notes.

* Unless requested by tour personnel, “there shall not be any police officers” backstage or in other areas of a venue. However, “Police escorts must be arranged in order to facilitate artist vehicles arrival to and departure from the venue.” The rider states that, “Under no circumstances are vehicles to be allowed to encounter any delays due to traffic.”  

* Less welcome than law enforcement are members of the press. In all caps, the rider declares that, “MEDIA SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED ACCESS INSIDE THE VENUE! WE DON’T HONOR MEDIA REQUEST OR GIVE OUT MEDIA PASSES.” (9 pages)