DOCUMENT: Celebrity

Six Days Of Stern

Howard Stern calls himself the King of All Media--and not without some justification. His radio show dominates markets nationwide. His two books have topped best seller lists. His videos and pay-per-view extravaganzas have generated millions in sales. And while his new movie has been a box office disappointment, Private Parts succeeded in landing Stern's mug on the cover of every magazine short of Car and Driver.

If you have followed Howard's carefully tended career at all, you know that he is a 43-year-old multimillionaire homebody with a towering ego and a penchant for strippers and lesbians. But what do you really know about the guy? The answer is: not much. Here at The Smoking Gun, we want to change that. All this week, we'll be offering documents that help round out the Stern persona. Some are not flattering, revealing that the King's not wearing any clothes. But we know Howard will be amused, since just a few days ago--as he was relishing the details of Eddie Murphy's transvestite adventure--he uttered these words: "I love when celebrities are involved in unbelievable situations! I love to hear their excuses!" Check back each day as a new link goes live.

Monday: A Libertarian Lie From Candidate Stern (8 pages)

Tuesday: Broken Seal: Peeking At Some Private Parts (8 pages)

Wednesday: The Inside Poop: Howard Has A Cow (6 pages)

Thursday: Schtick For Sale: More Howie Hypocrisy (2 pages)

Friday: Fred Norris Is Not A Martian! (3 pages)

Saturday: Contract Allows Howard To Douche (2 pages)